About BoxMeo

Let's curb the virus together! That was our motto when we started our project - BoxMeo - during the #EUvsVirus hackathon. The purpose of the biggest hackathon ever was to develop ideas to fight coronaviruses.  With face masks becoming a critical part of our everyday life, we noticed the need for simple alternative disinfection methods. 

We believe that with simple solutions we can have a positive impact on billions of people. With BoxMeo we work on solutions to ensure a hygienic usage of the face mask. In doing, so we want to provide a hygienic and sustainable method to inactivate coronaviruses. 

But not only that - our goal is to deliver aid rapidly and unbureaucratically to people affected by coronaviruses worldwide. We value transparent collaboration and believe that collective action makes the world a better place. Using BoxMeo we can all contribute to sustainably curb coronaviruses.

Why Choose Us

01. Innovative & Simple

Nothing needed but the magic of nature

Our aim is to make coronavirus protection accessible to everybody in the world with simple solutions.

02. Sustainability is at our core

Social, environmental & economic impact

Our business Model and Partnerships are aligned to with the UN SDGs.

03. Passionate to give

1+1 Principle
You buy 1 - we donate 1

We share and do good - with every sold box we support people in need.

Our Team




Known from

BoxMeo is below the TOP 10 Teams of the VersusVirus incubator.

Our Contacts

Don't hesitate to contact us :)                         

Email: mail ( a t ) boxmeo.com

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